Wake up jacob!

The information found on Let My People Know network, and at all lectures, are not intended to offend or convey in any way the superiority of those of Shemitic ancestry or the inferiority of those of European extraction. Neither is it my intent to promote any racial or prejudicial point of view, as all nations have inherited lies and are currently held captive under this oppressive, temporary, rulership. This message is for all who seek justice, peace and love.

"Every Nation Wants To Be The Chosen People, But No Nations Wants To Bare Their Curses/Punishments"

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My name given to me at birth is Monica, is of latin origin and means, "advisor and truth". The word "MaNaCHa", in ancient western Shemitic tongue, means "guide and leader". It is pronounced the same as Mo/ni/ca. I suspect my name was given to me for a purpose.

I thank you for visiting the resource center. I hope you find the materials useful. There's much that has been uncovered and much more to understand as it is the Most High who is awakening His people and uncovering the hidden things.

Regarding the materials on my Resource page, please download all that you can consume and digest. If you have any questions, please use my contact form to reachout to me.